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The Au Lait Nursing and Breastfeeding System currently offers 3 simple and discreet nursing access methods:



VERTICAL SLITS:  The Tank / The Tee-Dress / The Jersey Layered Tank / The V Neck tunic / The Going Home Dress / The Mixed Media Tee / The Gathered Floor Length Dress / The X Back Maxi Dress


The double tiered construction hides fully-finished nursing vents that are overlapped vertical slits.  Even with the top tier lifted, the garment will always provide you with full coverage and privacy.


How to Nurse with Vertical Slits:


Simply lift up the top layer, and peel back the slits.  The Au Lait nursing system provides full coverage everywhere except at the nursing access point.  The top tier will drape gently over the baby's cheeks or between your child's face and your body.

Vertical Slit Lift Vertical Slit Open



CUT OUTS: The Cardi Tee / The Split Front Swing Top


The Cardi Tee features a faux tank with nursing vents on either side of the torso. The weight and drape of the cardigan fabric has been engineered so that your privacy is never compromised. This is the simplest nursing access out of all the styles as well as the most generous in terms of fit. 


How to Nurse with Cut Outs:


Simply move the cardigan front to the side for easy nursing access.      



Pullover Access Pullover Access



PRINCESS SEAMS:  The Pocket Sweatshirt / The Rollneck Dress / The Burnished Pocket Dress /The Nightie Night Shirt


The princess seams on each side of the sweatshirt adds the Au Lait Nursing System to a very casual style and hides the inner deep-v layer that guards the privacy of the nursing mother.  This is the most comfortable nursing access for being at home.  


How to Nurse with Princess Seams:


Simply reach into the princess seam and gently pull the v neck to the side for easy access and discreet nursing!

Princess Seam Princess Seam