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How It Works

Au Lait | How it Works


The Au Lait Nursing and Breastfeeding System offers simple and discreet nursing access methods. 

We are committed to the safety of all moms and babies so we stand firm against hardware near the baby's face. Our nursing vents are all designed so that only the softest fabric might come in contact with your baby's cheeks.

Au Lait's garments are fully-finished so when you are done breastfeeding, simply take your Au Lait top or dress to the tailor and ask them to sew up the vents to continue wearing it beyond your breastfeeding journey. We are confident that you will grow to love the comfort and quality of our clothes - function was just an added bonus.  



Vertical Slits are found on: The Tank / The Tee-Dress / The Jersey Layered Tank / The V Neck tunic / The Going Home Dress / The Mixed Media Tee / The X Back Maxi Dress / The L'arc Top 


Cut Outs are found on: The Cardi Tee / The Split Front Swing Top



Princess Seams are found on: The Pocket Sweatshirt / The Rollneck Dress / The Burnished Pocket Dress /The Nightie Night Shirt



Pleated Vents are found on: The Going Home Dress / The Jersey V Tank / The Gathered Floor Length Dress



Pull Down Access can be found on: The 2x1 Rib Tank / First Layer Items