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Garment Care



Au Lait offers easy-care fabrics because we are moms too and understand the realities of day-to-day care of a young child. All items are machine washable. To ensure the integrity of the fabric and longevity of your nursing clothes, we recommend that all items be line dried except for the Seamless Lounge Nursing Tank and Bra, and the City Sweatshirt Dress, which can be tumbled dried. All of our fabrics dry over-night in normal humidity.




  • Breastmilk is a protein and will bond to natural fibers such as silk and cotton. 
  • Breastmilk stains must be washed off immediately with cold water to prevent yellowish stains that might not show up right away even after laundering and drying.  
  • This is especially important if you plan on washing and putting away your garment for future use. These stains might show up on baby clothes and breastfeeding bras and tops the next time you dig them out.  
  • If you have clothes with existing stains -this thread on Mamapedia is a good resource.  


"Breastmilk is a protein, and once you get breastmilk on a protein-based fabric, the two proteins will bond and you will never be able to wash it out. This helped narrow my fabric choices to the world of synthetics. I was then out on a mission to find the finest yarn size I can because I didn't want to add any extra chemicals but I need the fabrics to perform certain functions. I needed to choose fabrics that can be washed out quickly and dry in the minimal amount of time so that Au Lait moms can return to taking care of their babies AND still feel human.

My daughter had weaned by the time I formed the company and I still remember holding a vial of my best friend's wife's breastmilk at 3am, using a dropper to test breastmilk drying time on about 50 different pieces of fabrics on the bathroom floor.  Our signature cloud-weight poly can be dried in about 15 seconds under a hand dryer after rinsing off with cold water. (NEVER HOT WATER!)"