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About Us

About Au Lait

Au Lait is a simple concept: A line of fashionable tops that cater to the needs of the breastfeeding mother.

We design our products around our three core ideals: convenience, compassion, and community.  All of our tops are designed to both flatter the new mother while also engineered to allow an unprecedented level of ease and privacy.

We spare no expense in the construction of our lines, sourcing every fabric from the US or Japan and crafting them with love in the heart of New York City.



Au Lait was created because new moms should not feel like they do not have the time nor the option to feel beautiful and desirable while also being able to nurse with comfort and privacy anywhere they wish. 

The aim of every one of our designs is to let our clientele take charge of their personal style and to never hinder them from caring for their loved ones.  



The experience of motherhood is one that creates new bonds and realizations.  Every child is loved in the same manner by her mother and that level of compassion is something we try to instill in every aspect of our line.

Sourcing fabrics only from the top level mills allows us to design products that will never be less than what we would use for our own children.  Every fabric we use is the best there is because you and your child deserve nothing less. 



The community of entrepreneurs and new mothers in New York City is one that constantly revitalizes our team and helps us in our drive to bring a new direction to fashion and nursing designs.

Au Lait will strive to draw from the shared experiences of each of our clientele and that will allow us to encapsulate those lessons in our future designs.

Our long term vision is to have Au Lait become a community of support and encouragement for breastfeeding mothers.

All of our products are made with love right here in New York City.


About Emily

Born into a family dedicated to designing and creating the highest end performance textile products, Emily H. has spent over a decade in crafting fit, design, and production for the performance sports industry and working with the world's most innovative brands in textiles and garment construction technology.

While breastfeeding her daughter Avery, Emily was constantly frustrated and shocked at the lack of clothing options for breastfeeding women. Although comfort is very important, it should not be a hindrance to pursuing style and functionality. Utilizing her knowledge in fabrics and garment construction, Emily decided to solve the two biggest issues with nursing and breastfeeding tops: privacy for the nursing mother and designs that avoid the drab look that nursing tops feature today.

Since giving birth to baby Avery in 2012, Emily has been a work-from-home mom consulting in the fashion industry and creating Au Lait.